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Our Agency

Wavelength was founded in 2003 by Jennifer and Gary Peterson with the vision of helping companies improve marketing effectiveness by identifying core customer and prospect needs (both overt and latent) and aligning the brand’s value message with those needs better than competitors. Time and again we’ve positioned clients to increase sales, boost customer acquisition, and build long-term sustainable results.


We’re a team that believes in putting the customer first (while also having the guts to tell you what you should hear, not what you want to hear) and we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships. We’re professional, experienced, and approachable. Many of our clients turn to us for unbiased counsel that helps them make key, growth-oriented decisions.

what we’ve done

Wavelength has helped start ups gain a secure foothold, medium-sized companies boost sales, and market leaders increase market share. Our clients hail from many diverse industries, from private schools to an HVAC contractor. The commonality in our clients is their desire to build deeper connections with their buyers as a means to increasing sales and their belief that our approach is the key to doing so.

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