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Our Approach

Wavelength is a customer-centric marketing communications firm and advertising agency that provides B2B and B2C marketers with Savvy Counsel, Relevant Creative and Measurable Results. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify the ways in which strategic marketing can directly impact top-level business objectives.


savvy counsel

Outposition, outperform, and outgrow. You deserve customized marketing solutions that take your unique market dynamics and business challenges into account. Not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all templates that are picked up from one client and imposed over another.

We begin our relationship with you by learning about your company and your brand. If you don’t have a brand identity – and more importantly, a competitive positioning – we can apply our expertise to help you differentiate your company from competitors in ways that quickly resonate with target buyers. We listen to your needs, understand your goals, and identify ways to solve your challenges or leverage your strengths. Our goal is to provide you with recommendations that make you as competitive and well positioned as possible.

Clients who have partnered with us strategically, from the beginning, have seen significantly higher overall results. Can we help you with one or two tactics or as-need support? Absolutely. But if you’re seeking near-term results and long-term sustainable growth, choose Wavelength.

relevant creative

Content that connects. Marketing’s impact improves substantially when messages are closely aligned with the customer’s true wants and needs. (Results are significantly higher as well.)

Timing, delivery method, and frequency are also key considerations in any Wavelength strategy. On- and offline tactics must build relationships and diminish objections by demonstrating the marketer’s understanding of the unique buying dynamics. This can be particularly challenging in a B2B environment where the typical marketer may have up to 5 buyer profiles – some of whom are not evidently present in the vetting and decision making process. While shocking creative stands out, relevant creative delivers results. That’s where we put our focus.

measurable results

Top-line growth driven through metrics. Is your current program generating industry average results? Do you wonder if parts of or all of your program can work harder? How effectively are you connecting your brand to your buyers? Wavelength can help you move beyond average and into tangible results that impact the bottom line.

We are vested in providing clients with data-driven results that improve profitability, enhance user experience, and strengthen brand equity. Our programs are proven through the development of realistic measurements at the start of an initiative and building programs that meet and exceed specific objectives.

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