So you want to write copy? And you want to write it here? For our clients? And partner with some really hardworking, committed, energetic, intelligent co-workers?

Great. We want that too. What we’re looking for is a copywriter who knows how to put his or her head down and bang out persuasive, original, interesting, industry- and audience-specific content who is also versatile and accurate. We want a team player who is willing to roll up his or her sleeves and say, “Yes! Let’s do this! I’m all in.” Shoulder-shruggers need not apply. We want someone with a proven track record of being flexible when the project (or client) requires it but knowledgeable enough to stand up for the work when the time comes. In other words, you have to know what you’re doing, know when it’s right, fight for your concepts but be willing to let certain things go when those moments come – because they do. 100% accuracy in proofreading, grammar, and punctuation, (etc. etc.) is an absolute must. The right candidate will realize that accuracy and timelines are not mutually exclusive. Our President is a copywriter. She’s going to know if you can bang it out and believe in it.

You have to be a real team player. Someone collaborative. And willing. You have to want to work in a micro environment that is dynamic, fast-paced, and growing. A lot. To succeed here, you’ll need to be willing to learn, to grow, to wonder what worked and what didn’t and how you can make it better next time. You have to want to care. You should be ready to write for B2B and B2C with a smidge of schools and non-profits. Roll up your sleeves for emails, web pages, brochures, websites, press releases, case studies, direct mailers, SEM and SEO content and more (SEO specialization is not required but will be considered a plus). Social media? Yes, some but we have specialists here with whom you can collaborate if the work requires it. Readiness and willingness are the key.

Our client base is diverse – and our clients are great people. That’s a plus. Our work load is fast and furious and (sometimes) fun. That’s because we’re growing, hardworking, and our clients love us. You’ll never be bored here.

Think this sounds like something you want to explore? Let us know. Use the form below to submit your resume, samples (or a link to a portfolio), and if you have any proven results from your work, send that too. It’s not a requirement but it’s a nice plus.

Three to five years is the minimum we’ll consider. This is a full-time, onsite position.

What kind of “designer” are you? Are you the type that has one tried-and-true approach that you apply repeatedly because you know it “works?” Or, are you the type of person who wants to understand your target audience and the context in which they are receiving and responding to you work? If that’s you, we’d like to hear from you.

We’re a rapidly-but-sustainably growing agency that seeks another designer to add to our collaborative, friendly team. We hope you’ll have a passion for precision but an understanding of timeliness and a sense of urgency. We’re seeking applicants who looking for careers not “jobs.” Most importantly, we’re seeking the right person who understands that feedback yields growth and has the same desire to do the best you can do each and every time. At Wavelength, we never “phone it in” or give up out of frustration. We push harder for work that resonates with the target audience, integrates with the overall brand story, and accomplishes core goals.

This is a multi-faceted position that requires error free work, built to agency specifications and guidelines, for both print and digital design work.

The right person for this job is someone who:

  • Has a passion for design (print and digital)
  • Enjoys learning about new technologies
  • Understands the value of typography, photography and illustration to communicate
  • Actually knows what branding is and how it can be applied to even the most “simple” campaign elements
  • Values and understands visual integration and visual brand consistency
  • Works well in a creative team environment
  • Can flex with client feedback and input
  • Believes they can always make it better!

This person incorporates input from the client, Account Executive, Creative Director, and Copywriter and all relevant project scope data to create designs that meet the project, strategic and client goals and strategic messaging. Relevant Creative.

This person works with the Account Executive, Creative Director, and Copywriter and other design team members.

Responsible for:

  • All print design work including ads, collateral, outdoor, logos, vehicle graphics, displays, etc.
  • All digital design including email marketing, web design, digital ads, landing pages, online graphics
  • Information graphics to tell complex process stories, illustrate concepts
  • Social media graphics and videos

MUST be able to:

  • Build accurate and error free projects (no typos, correct file structures and proper content management, proper color space and pixel resolution)
  • Communicate with other team members for concepts and direction
  • Have a thorough knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design (always looking to improve program use and knowledge and share ideas with team, know the correct way to build files)
  • Word and Excel
  • Must understand typography and type rules, kerning and leading
  • Build and manage files according to agency standards
  • Manage multiple projects during the course of each day
  • Meet deadlines and delivery work to the appropriate team member(s)
  • Learn new and add additional skills to your skill set
  • Willing to work until the work is done
  • Be able to prep final files in the appropriate DPI, color space and file formats

Desired traits:
Proactive, eager, strategic, detail oriented, willing to measure, hard working, collaborative, invested, trainable, willing to see it through

Minimum Requirements: 2 to 3 years in a graphic design position. Agency experience preferred.

So you like “social media” and digital strategies? We do too. So much so that our digital offering is the fastest-growing, highest-impact, results-delivering service at Wavelength. And it’s one that our clients are clamoring for. Not because we generate “cool” or “dynamic” social content (which we do) but because our strategies deliver proven results. At Wavelength, every post, graphic, image, video, blog, and digital strategy is intended to achieve three critical goals: Bring our clients’ brands to life authentically, engage the “right” target audience using their preferred channel, and move individuals to the desired action.

Are you considering joining our team? Here’s what you should know:

  1. We’re a micro agency. Yes. We’re small. We’re a dynamic, welcoming, tight-knitted, hard-working, interesting group. We work well with each other and we like it that way. There is no drama here.
  2. We’re growing fast. We’ve been growing consistently for the past 5 years. We have clients in many different states and a wide variety of industries.
  3. We’re fast moving. You won’t be bored here. You won’t have to “create busy work.” You will, however, have to create quality work. On time.
  4. We’re creative and always seeking to up our game. Part of your job will be to work with our Digital Strategist to evaluate the work and see if it’s met the objectives. Be prepared to analyze, evaluate, and be honest enough to improve your work.

What we’re looking for:

  1. This is a combined position designed to support our Digital Strategist as well as the rest of the team. Your time will be spent 50% writing social and digital copy and supporting digital / social initiatives and 50% supporting the rest of the team. So yes, in case you’re wondering, part of this job is administrative. The right career-minded person will move quickly up the chain to another position. Don’t think you’ll be stuck at the front desk for long. But will you be answering the phone, getting the mail, and making copies to start? Yes. To succeed here you’ll need to do that part of your job as well as the social content creation, publishing, and analyzing. Think you can’t move up? Ask our President. She started at the front desk back in the day!
  2. Attention to detail is a MUST. Resumes with typos will be summarily dismissed. Accuracy at every stage of the process is required.
  3. You have to be able to write. Not just Tweet. But take the input that our Digital Strategist provides and execute. You’ll be taking her strategic guidance, scheduling content, identifying the right channels based on audience profile, researching new trends and opportunities, publishing content, writing content, working with the design department on graphics and videos and much more. We need you to be able to generate content. Good content. Not just “any” content.
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