Century Home Improvement

Hi Marshall,

My name is Carolyn Garrison and I am the Social Media Strategist at Wavelength Marketing.

I understand Gary Peterson sent you a proposal for our social media offering but I just wanted to reach out and explain a little bit more about what our service can do for you.

Questions you may have are ….

  1. Is it really worth it for Century Home Improvement to be on social media?
  2. Will a social media campaign contribute to my sales, either directly or indirectly?
  3. What type of investment should I make?
  4. And what type of content would I use?

These are great questions that we would like to help you answer.

But first, please consider a few things from recent research:

  1. Social media is one of the biggest opportunities that companies across industries have to connect directly to consumers (Neilson 2017)
  2. Heavy social media users are Gen Xers (ages 35 to 49). They spend almost 7 hours per week on social channels (Millennials spend just over 6 hours per week) (Neilson 2017)
  3. 39% of heavy social media users believe that finding out about products and services is an important reason to use social media (Neilson 2017)
  4. 25% of these users are female. They tend to use Facebook on Sundays via smartphone while watching prime time television (Neilson 2017)

So, what does that mean to you?

It represents an opportunity for you to time your messages AND integrate them into current activities (such as your WGAL advertising) to maximize brand awareness and create a response.

Neilson’s latest report indicates that “using multiple devices at once is the new normal.” (Neilson 2017)

But your social media campaign has to consist of more than promotional content. To help you realize maximum benefit from your efforts, we would build a campaign that connects with target audiences and cultivates their interests over time.

For example, Century’s “products” or services are things such as putting on siding, putting in a new sliding door to the patio, installing French doors, adding a deck, etc. It would be easy to just have installation videos, before and after photos, and how to’s. But that can get static.

While I think the program should include those elements, I also think that we should consider supplemental content that would appeal to your target audiences. Such as, demonstrating OTHER things that you can do on, near, or around Century’s products.

One of Century’s “products/services” is putting a new coastal siding on a house. The supplemental content can be about “creating that coastal exterior” and featuring ideas on the many things that make up a coastal exterior. Such as siding, lighting, rain spouts, accessories, doors, colors, and more.

Connecting broadcast with social media and your website (via landing pages) taps into the natural “shopping” behaviors of key audiences (such as the women between the ages of 35 and 45). And this increases lead opportunities for Century in a way that feels natural for the consumer rather than a formal “push”.

There are also important demographic trends to consider.

The 2016 Report on Consumer Housing Trends identifies that almost half of Millennial homeowners live in suburbs and made up 42% of home buyers in 2016. A number that many found to be surprising.

Just as interesting, the group is proving to be as “traditional” in their views of homeownership as previous generations. Is this an audience that Century is actively marketing too? Can we do a better job of tapping into what might be a lucrative audience for your brand? Probably so.

According to the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County (216), 18.5% of the population in Lancaster County can be defined as millennials. And while Millennials aren’t quite as active as Gen Exers on social media, they do come close, averaging just over 6 hours per week on social channels.

But … they don’t like to be sold directly when it comes to engaging with potential brands on social media. Authentic, organic social media that addresses the microdecisions, such as “My gutters blew off. Do I need gutters? What happens if I go without them? What’s the purpose of gutters anyway? It turns out I do need them. But can I do this myself? No, I can’t. So, who can help me? But do I really want to use them? Is there an alternative? Nope, looks like Century is the best option.”

Microdecisions can and should be combined with other program elements to help generate leads, overcome objections, demonstrate “superiority” over competitive options, and increase sales.

A social media program for Century can be connected to your other marketing tactics, tied directly to lead generation activities, and measured for results. We can include blogging that helps support your organic SEO efforts and drives natural traffic to your website. We can include video and photography that you’ll be able to use for other tactics, use to update your website, and build a portfolio of what is possible. We can onboard followers, engage them, and help you convert them into real, possible prospects.

The Demographic Change and The Remodeling Outlook report indicates that homeowner spending on remodeling is expected to see healthy growth through 2025.

Let us help you take advantage of the opportunities in your target regions.

Thank you,