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Wavelength is guided by the principle that all marketing is driven by the customer.

Learning what the customer needs or wants, what problems they’re trying to solve, and where and how they experience a brand are critical points of understanding that inform the work we do. This customer-centric approach has allowed us to partner with great clients and produce amazing results.

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Residential and commercial HVAC contractor

  • New market entry
  • Transition to an ESOP in 2014
  • Introduction of parent company HB Global
  • $70 million acquisition onboarding program
  • Multi-service residential strategies and campaigns
  • Commercial service strategies and campaigns
  • Internal communications program
  • Employee recruitment strategies

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Weapon storage

  • 83% increase in sales
  • 90% increase in form fills
  • RFQs from the US Air Force, US Customs & Border Protection, Dept. of Homeland Security

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Symphony Orchestra

  • brand refresh
  • new responsive website
  • interactive event calendar
  • performance poster series

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Custom bearings and components

  • $450,000 in RFQs
  • 2 RFQs valued at 10% of total revenue
  • 300,000 qualified exposures

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Industrial PCs

  • 1 million qualified exposures
  • exclusive product launch
  • 1,000 qualified leads

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Rare earth magnets

  • logo evolution
  • tagline and rationale
  • brand positioning

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Polycarbonate manufacturer

  • US market entry
  • complete website (in 5 weeks)
  • product photography & literature

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Custom precision machining

  • 900,000 qualified exposures
  • 5 feature articles
  • 500+ qualified leads

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Electronic device storage

  • education campaign
  • 92% increase in form fills
  • 94% increase in site traffic

Industrial scale manufacturer

  • website overhaul
  • new brand launch
  • new products launch

Hand-crafted furniture

  • 3 million+ product and brand exposures
  • exclusive national feature article
  • moved from page 20+ to page 1 on Google

Household appliances

  • US market entry
  • OEM direct sales strategy
  • branding for ASHRAE launch

Storage solutions and furnishings

  • multi-brand consolidation
  • website reorganization
  • dealer communication program

Industrial finishing contractor

  • new market entry
  • in 12 months new division reaches sales volume of all other divisions
  • established leader in pollution control

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