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Don’t Blink and Miss the Decision-Making Moment

Our New Year’s resolution? Keep honing in on micro-moments and those hard-to-identify but all-important thoughts that buyers have throughout the journey from “need to purchase.” It’s likely that millennials will continue to put pressure on “traditional” marketing* in the same way that the “web” changed marketing not-so-very-long-ago. Remember magazine information cards? And then the “web” came along.**

The desire for brand authenticity,* combined with ads-and-messaging-everywhere syndrome combined with endless buyer access to information allowing for independent research, increase the value of understanding/targeting/connecting with the micro-moments that lead to purchase.

Marketers seeking sustained, if not aggressive, sales increases will prioritize this process in 2017.

  1. Up-to-date buyer personas are more important than ever. To identify each person’s triggers and path from awareness to purchase to advocacy, brands must predict and target both the specific behaviors and “thoughts” that lead from point A to point B.
  2. Earned media, reviews, online reputation management, and real-time social engagement should be planned, consistent, and measured elements of your overarching marketing strategy.
  3. Tactical or message agility – the ability to ying when target audiences yang – should be built into the program from the beginning. Brands seeking aggressive growth can’t afford to waste time figuring out how to respond to a key change in behavior, competitive landscape, market conditions, and more.
  4. Brand authenticity must become a reality at all company touchpoints, not part of a bulleted list of brand attributes.

Drilling down to micro-moments may not be easy, but it’s certainly rewarding. Identifying the right metrics at the outset – and juxtaposing results from traditional tactics with “micro-moment tactics” – will help provide insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

*See AdAge 3/26/16.
**AKA “dinosaur-era response mechanism to help marketers connect with prospects.”

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