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How Lead Nurturing Can Make a Difference for Your Business

In today’s highly competitive markets where consumers are bombarded by messages from dozens, if not hundreds, of brands every day, marketers need to find a way to genuinely connect with consumers in order to truly sell a brand. Lead nurturing allows you to repeatedly connect with leads at varied stages in the funnel while focusing on hot leads or growth of existing accounts.

What is lead nurturing?

At its core, lead nurturing is a way to build a stronger relationship with prospects who are not ready to engage your brand fully, but likely fir your desired customer profile. It can be an automated process of sharing relevant content with leads and current customers in a more personalized way. Marketers can reach out at various stages of the buying journey and keep cultivating interest in prospects.

It provides the chance for marketers to share pertinent information with users and highlight the aspects of brands’ stories they believe are the most important.

How can your business use it?

Automating your lead generation means you can focus on specific client needs instead of routinely spamming them with content that may not be a best fit. Identifying the best time to reach out to users, and how to do it, provides a great option for your business to take advantage of lead nurturing.

As soon as someone visits your website, you can automate contact quickly instead of risking letting that lead grow cold.

What are the benefits?

While you will not see instant sales, lead nurturing allows you to inspire genuine engagement and keep bringing attention to your brand. Consumers usually need at least 20 touchpoints with a brand before they choose to purchase. Lead nurturing is the ideal way to continue creating these touchpoints to ensure your brand does not miss out on vital opportunities for sales. With lead nurturing, you can keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds, so that when they decide they need a product or service you provide, they’ll immediately think of your business. People want to buy from businesses they trust; utilizing lead nurturing means you can keep connecting to prospects and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Lead nurturing educates your audience and primes them for sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to utilize lead nurturing for your business, reach out to Gary Peterson today at: or call 717-823-6939.

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