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Martin’s Chair’s 2016 Fall Gathering Becomes Huge Win for PR Program

This past weekend, Wavelength attended Martin’s Chair’s Fall Gathering of Friends co-hosted by the major national publication, Early American Life (100,000 readers). Key editorial team members from the magazine were present at the event, and the publisher, Tess Rosch, held an exclusive seminar called “What Makes a Windsor.” Prominent vendors of early American crafts and textiles also attended the event, having their own booths, demonstrations, and sales.

Wavelength’s PR team initially facilitated a meeting and lunch between Tess Rosch and the Martin’s Chair staff in the spring of 2016. Tess had an immediate connection with the Martin family and their hand-crafted furniture, so she and her team decided that Martin’s showroom and shop would be the perfect location for the magazine’s 2016 Fall Gathering of Friends.

The Martins and Early American Life estimated that up to 900 people attended the event on Saturday, September 23—a record-breaking attendance for a Martin’s Chair event. Wavelength further supported the event by taking professional photos/video, publishing live Facebook updates, and creating handouts including a walking map of the event, a curated content flyer that recommended Martin’s Chair furnishings and other high-quality home accents for decorating fall porches, and personal cards thanking guests for attending the show and providing a link to Martin’s Facebook page where photos from the event could be viewed.

For more about the success of Martin’s Chair’s PR program and some of the results Wavelength has recorded, visit our Martin’s Chair Client Spotlight page at

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