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How to Position Your Business for Success with Recruitment Marketing

Right now, it’s a job seekers’ market. The unemployment rate is lower than we’ve seen it in nearly 50 years, coming in a bit under 4 percent. There are plenty of jobs out there in a variety of industries. Chances are, if someone is looking for employment, they’ll have a few options and can take their time weighing which one is the right choice for them. For businesses to find the best employees, they need to step up their efforts. Recruitment marketing can supplement and boost your traditional efforts.

Effective recruitment marketing is strategically conveying the value of your brand to job seekers and encouraging them to engage with you.

What is recruitment marketing?

Effective recruitment marketing is strategically conveying the value of your brand to job seekers and encouraging them to engage with you and apply for open positions.

Companies need to focus on recruitment marketing now more than ever. It allows you to gain a leg up on your competition, but also helps your hiring process overall. In a recent study on recruitment trends from CareerBuilder, 50 percent of HR managers say they have positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates for. You cannot let any stone unturned in your efforts to recruit the best employees possible.

Have a strong brand

The first step to creating a successful recruitment marketing effort is having a strong brand for your business. Far too many businesses make the mistake of not prioritizing developing a customer-centric and dynamic brand. A strong, clear brand helps candidates understand your mission, your vision, and provides critical insight into your work environment. Make sure your brand accurately reflects your culture and then make it part of all your hiring efforts, especially online.

Focus on content marketing

If you want to catch job seekers, you need to use content marketing to the best of your ability. Share your expertise using a variety of mediums: craft blog posts, write social media posts, create videos, infographics, and other visual content. You can even get creative with job postings and the information you share about your workforce. For example, we worked with HB McClure to create a strong jobs page on their website and included a video highlighting why employees love working there.

Use your employees

As you’re recruiting job seekers, use your employees to refer people they believe would be a good fit. Over 30 percent of all hires come from referrals by employees. Your employees know your business and its culture the best and can identify when someone may be a great fit. You can also offer incentives to employees who refer qualified candidates.

Utilize your website (and others)

According to the Talent Board’s 2018 Candidate Experience Research Report, 59 percent of job seekers use the company career site when researching a job. Coming in close behind is LinkedIn Career Pages, followed by other job boards. These statistics show the importance of focusing on creating a great user experience on your own site, but then also optimizing for your business and job listings on third-party sites as well.

Recruit throughout the year

For those businesses that do recruit throughout the year, they report that it reduces their time-to-hire (55 percent) as well as their cost-per-hire (42 percent). It also gives you the chance to create a valuable relationship with a potential hire. Many job candidates want to have some kind of dialogue and know more about a company before making the jump to apply. Recruiting all year gives you the chance to find valuable employees at any point.

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