measureable results

‘average’ is the new bottom.

Is your current program generating industry average results? Do you wonder if parts of or all of your program can work harder? How effectively are you connecting your brand to your buyers? Wavelength helps clients move beyond average and into tangible results that impact the bottom line.

Using Savvy Counsel and Relevant Creative, we select the tactics for each client based on strategic objective, prospect behavior and desired outcome to produce Measurable Results.

Be better than “just average”. If you want measurable results from your marketing efforts, contact Wavelength.

Here are some examples of how Wavelength helps clients get the most from their brand and grow their business.

Measurable Results

lead generation – advertising

750 Leads Generated from the first day of E-blast with multiple RFQs.      Response to the ad campaign launched in April delivered 4 RFQs and a 10% response rate on the same day of the blast.      Integrated Campaign helped increase Linden Hall enrollment from fewer than 90 students to more than 250.


Regional Print Advertising for Lead Generation.


Regional Advertising to Promote Event Participation.


Regional Market Brand Positioning Advertising.