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branding & competitive positioning

Branding and Competitive Positioning

We like to think of branding as competitive positioning, and our clients are glad that we do. When you engage us as your branding partner, you get more than that succinct and compelling statement of what makes your company different from – and better than – your competitors.

We conduct a full competitive and customer analysis in addition to an internal culture/brand review to ensure that your internal and external expressions of your brand are lock-step with the needs and pain points of your target audiences. Our process also ensures that you are truly differentiated and that you’re not trying to occupy space that is already successfully occupied by a competitor.

  • Research
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Market Insight
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Viability
  • Brand Audit
  • Website/Social Media Analysis
  • Media Coverage Audits
  • Analytics
  • Internal Branding

To learn more, call Jennifer at 717-823-6939 or click here to email.

Branding Consumer Profiling
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