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market research & market entry

Market Research Market Entry

Whether you are struggling to increase sales within mature markets, seeking growth by cultivating new markets, or want to diversify by identifying entirely new markets, Wavelength can help by:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of your current capabilities and culture.
  • Creating a competitive brand positioning that maintains stability in your existing market, while supporting growth and entry into new markets.
  • Conducting market research (secondary and primary research is available depending on your need) to identify markets you can successfully enter, as well as those that are not viable.
  • Identify barriers and resources (internal and external) needed for successful market penetration.
  • Create a 12 to 18 month marketing roadmap to ensure a level of awareness that will support sales.
  • Lead generation for companies with small or non-existent sales teams.

Click here to download one of our market research case studies.

To learn more, call Jennifer at 717-823-6939 or click here to email.

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