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public relations

Public Relations Programs

We don’t hunt for opportunities. We create them.

If you’re considering Strategic Public Relations for your brand, you’re looking for more than a few press releases. You want a program that says, “We’re here. We’re the real deal. We’re the choice, not a choice.” You want a program that impacts the bottom line.

You need a PR partner that can dig into your brand story and your competitive differential, bring the right content publishers to the table, and collaborate to create, deploy, and leverage content that impacts all of your buyers at various stages in their decision-making journey.

That’s what we do. We create opportunities that let you engage, educate, and motivate buyers. We can help you build brand awareness. But what we really want to do is help you build brand preference.

  • Strategic Program Creation
  • Editorial Planning
  • Editorial Outreach for Opportunity Creation
  • Editorial Tours, Interviews, and Custom Opportunities
  • Article Creation
  • Product Placement
  • Cover Placements and Round-up Participation
  • Product or Service Launches
  • Online Integration
  • Buyer Profiling
  • Funnel Mapping
  • Crisis Communications

To learn more, call Jennifer at 717-823-6939 or click here to email.

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