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Integrated Marketing

Wavelength Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising firm using relevant messaging, audience targeting, and program integration to increase marketing effectiveness. Our marketing strategies are grounded in our clients’ business objectives and deliver measurable ROI. We offer fully integrated programs but can also assist with any already existing in-house resources.

highly qualified leads

Our strategies and content are designed to offer your prospects value throughout the decision-making process and to position you as a trusted resource and expert in your industry. Because our program is customer-centric and benefits-driven, you have a better chance of attracting highly qualified leads who already believe in what you have to offer. We create strategic content optimized for each individual medium, industry, client, and target in order to build awareness and pull prospects through your funnel.


We like to think of branding as competitive positioning, and our clients are glad that we do. When you engage us as your branding partner, you get more than that succinct and compelling statement of what makes your company different from – and better than – your competitors.

We conduct a full competitive and customer analysis in addition to an internal culture/brand review to ensure that your internal and external expressions of your brand are lock-step with the needs and pain points of your target audiences. Our process also ensures that you are truly differentiated and that you’re not trying to occupy space that is already successfully occupied by a competitor.

  • Research
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Market Insight
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Viability
  • Brand Audit
  • Website/Social Media Analysis
  • Media Coverage Audits
  • Analytics
  • Internal Branding

interactive strategy

We select the right marketing mix and proper use of multi-channel strategies to help raise awareness and build a more powerful, cohesive presentation of your brand. This approach allows you to reach buyers at various stages of their search processes. Through the stages of idea, search, interest, validation, purchase, satisfaction, repurchase, and recommend, we will be ready to walk them through the process.

  • Online Surveys
  • Content Audits
  • Analytics Review
  • Site Maps
  • Creative Briefs
  • Content Creation
  • Design
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media/Digital Strategy

public relations

Don’t hunt for opportunities, create them. If you’re considering Strategic Public Relations for your brand, you’re looking for more than a few press releases. You want a program that says, “We’re here. We’re the real deal. We’re the choice, not a choice.” You want a program that impacts the bottom line.

You need a PR partner that can dig into your brand story and your competitive differential, bring the right content publishers to the table, and collaborate to create, deploy, and leverage content that impacts all of your buyers at various stages in their decision-making journey.

That’s what we do. We create opportunities that let you engage, educate, and motivate buyers. We can help you build brand awareness. But what we really want to do is help you build brand preference.

  • Editorial Tours, Interviews, and Custom Opportunities
  • Article Creation
  • Product Placement
  • Cover Placements and Round-up Participation
  • Product or Service Launches
  • Online Integration
  • Buyer Profiling
  • Funnel Mapping
  • Crisis Communications

social media & digital

Social media has fully emerged, and its performance and optimization are key to understanding and connecting to your target market, growing your customer base, generating brand awareness, and increasing ROI.

By using campaign-specific initiatives, we develop, adjust, and maintain our clients’ online presence. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or another one of the many social media platforms, we create custom content and social profiles using market research to improve overall engagement that continually delivers results.

  • Content Development & Scheduling
  • Social Media Research
  • Community Engagement
  • Photography/Video
  • Website Design, Development, & Maintenance

media planning

You need a partner that can do more than “vet” your paid media opportunities. Can we help you understand the impact of demographics and readership and click through rates and view-throughs? Sure.

Let us help you select the media that connects to the buyer’s journey through the funnel, and to create a cycle of engagement that is both meaningful and measurable.

You might be one of many brands. Or, you might be one brand marketing to many decision-makers. Successful advertising in today’s battle for mindshare understands what the buyer is facing and where they turn for research, evaluation, and validation.

  • Media Planning and Placement (Print and Digital)
  • Value-added Negotiation to Maximize Spend
  • Metrics Creation and Reporting
  • Advertising Creative
  • Funnel Mapping
  • Buyer Profiling
  • Creating Supporting Campaign Elements (landing pages, micro sites, downloads, etc.)
  • Dealer Co-op Programs

market research & market entry

Whether you are struggling to increase sales within mature markets, seeking growth by cultivating new markets, or want to diversify by identifying entirely new markets, Wavelength can help by:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of your current capabilities and culture.
  • Creating a competitive brand positioning that maintains stability in your existing market, while supporting growth and entry into new markets.
  • Conducting market research (secondary and primary research is available depending on your need) to identify markets you can successfully enter, as well as those that are not viable.
  • Identify barriers and resources (internal and external) needed for successful market penetration.
  • Create a 12 to 18 month marketing roadmap to ensure a level of awareness that will support sales.
  • Lead generation for companies with small or non-existent sales teams.

corporate communications

Effective internal and external corporate communications is a major part of maintaining a positive reputation among many audiences including employees, media, partners, and stakeholders. We’ve helped companies of various sizes to develop and execute strategic corporate communication tactics that help reinforce the company’s mission and help reach its goals.

  • CEO, Board, and Human Resources Communications
  • Event Planning
  • Speech & Letter Writing
  • Internal & Change Communications
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Communications
  • Online Communications
  • Internal Social Media Setup/Management
  • Organizational Messaging & Positioning
  • Training Presentations
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