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The Untapped Talent Pool

Finding qualified candidates to fill open positions is becoming increasingly challenging for a variety of businesses and industries. From the executive level to the factory floor, the pool of available resources is continuing to shrink at every level, and it’s getting harder and harder hire dependable people with the right skill set and the right attitude to mesh with company culture.

50 percent of human resource managers have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates.

CareerBuilder’s 2019 study reported that 50 percent of human resource managers have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates. The real takeaway from this study, though, was that 32 percent of those currently employed were looking to change jobs because they wanted better compensation, better benefits, and better culture. This is the untapped talent pool, but how do you find them? We’ve got two answers.

#1 Employer Branding

Employer branding refers to how you market your company through the strategic use of your website, social media, and other tactics to build a reputation as a great place to work. It’s not just branding for your customers; it’s branding for everyone—your customers, your employees, and your potential employees. Being seen as a great place to work motivates everyone, and it will naturally draw the right talent to you and help you keep the talent you already have.

#2 Continuous Recruitment

Recruiting year-round, even when you don’t have positions to fill, gives your HR department time to vet talent and identify the best candidates. That way, when you are ready to hire, you’ve got a head start and can quickly fill positions with the most qualified people. Even if someone you’re interested in accepts another position in the meantime, you’ve already made the connection, so you’ll have a better shot at luring them away because you’ll know what they’re looking for.

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