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1.5 Key Benefits. There are Many. Here are a few.

Key Benefits. There are Many. Here are a few.

Improve lead conversions

Adding automated lead nurturing to your marketing can boost conversions by at least 10%.


No more asking “what happened to my leads?”. Every prospect that enters the system can be easily identified down to the type of engagement they have had with your brand over a period of time.


Create separate workflows based on your services, prospect interest level, industry, and much more.

Support the sales team

Expand your sales activities and prospect contacts without overburdening an already busy sales team.


Automated emails can be well designed and include messaging that is relevant to your audience.


Improve up-sell and cross-sell with automation.

Trigger follow up

Assign activity values to prospect behavior and automate the process of notifying your sales team when a lead is ready for direct contact.

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