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Why Niche Brands With Niche Audiences Need PR

Why Niche Brands with Niche Audiences Need PR

Some marketers dismiss PR as a blunt tool that’s too broad and scattershot (and sometimes expensive) to effectively reach small, narrowly defined audiences with niche brand content. But just the opposite is true. With the explosion of social media and global access to online special interest groups, organizations, and publications, PR has become a high precision, laser focused instrument for delivering emotionally driven content to audiences that are ripe for the message.

We’ve worked with many niche brands over the years, particularly in the furniture and home accents/interiors markets, so we understand the challenges of connecting a niche brand to a niche buyer. Niche brands can be highly specialized, high-priced, or of a quality or style unlike any other. They can be so specialized, in fact, that the cost of traditional marketing strategies can’t be recouped in margins or lifetime total customer value.

But rest assured, niche brands. Those of us in the PR business know that there is a group, an organization, an online community, and a publication for just about any possible interest area you can imagine. So reaching today’s niche buyer through targeted PR is significantly more effective (and often less costly) than ever before. We’re no longer broadly blasting massive audiences; we’re efficiently and effectively micro-targeting the group within the group.

The one-two punch occurs when you combine the force of this hyper-focused audience targeting with the force of an emotional experience for the buyer. Not one broad channel. Many smaller, niche channels. Not all content. Emotional, engaging, motivating content. That’s how we deliver the message and close the deal.

Whether you’re selling mass appeal or niche appeal, you are connecting with people, with individuals. And like all of us, they have strong emotions. They buy brands that make them feel a certain way or convey an aspect of their personality, values, or lifestyle that they deem especially noteworthy. There is no substitute for PR when it comes to connecting with the emotional side of the buyer because you can tell your story in a way and in a context that automatically connects. Buyers of niche products, luxury goods, specialty items…they are living a lifestyle. PR allows you to enter that lifestyle and tell your story.

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