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  1. Quickly and efficiently communicate what you offer. You have less than ten seconds from the moment your visitor arrives on your website to clearly communicate your services. Don’t waste their time by telling them your company history on the homepage.
  2. Prominently display your phone number or method of contact. Nine times out of ten, when a customer or prospect visits your site, it’s because they have a problem—broken AC, malfunctioning furnace, etc.—and they are looking for a fast solution. Don’t make them dig around on your website looking for your phone number because they won’t. They’ll just leave.
  3. Give them what they’re looking for in the fewest number of clicks possible. Again, efficiency is the key to keeping a prospective customer on your site and getting them to make the call. The trick is to know what they’re looking for in the first place, which requires a solid understanding of your customers and their behaviors. If you don’t know your customers, we strongly recommend investing in market research, which always pays for itself.
  4. Provide tips, tricks, and insights related to your products and services. This is the easiest way to position your business as a useful resource and keep you top of mind. It will also boost your organic search results. Not every visit will result in an immediate phone call, form fill, or sale. Sometimes it’s about the long game, and the long game is built on useful content that helps prospects find you and keeps them coming back.
  5. Optimize for mobile. User data has repeatedly demonstrated that approximately half of HVAC site visitors are using mobile devices. That means you need to make sure your site’s functionality is just as user-friendly on a phone as it is on a laptop. If pages don’t display properly on a mobile device, you risk losing 50 percent of your prospective customers.

Take the time to rethink your user experience in a way that significantly benefits your business.

Want to create a better user experience for your HVAC customers?

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