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In our previous article Getting Started with Customer Reviews for Your Home Services Business, we shared some tips and practical advice for getting started with customer reviews. Now, let’s talk about how you can use your customer reviews to market your home services business. Here are five different ways we’ve successfully used reviews for our clients that you can easily add to your marketing strategy.

  1. Display positive reviews on your website.

    Some companies concentrate their customer reviews all on one web page, but we have found reviews have a greater impact when placed on the product or service pages that are relevant to the customer’s comment. When you get a particularly good comment, it may even be worthy of home page placement, especially if it reflects positively on your work ethic or culture.

  2. Work great reviews into your emails.

    Strong, well-worded reviews make great openers and closers for emails to customers and prospects. Customers who give you permission to use their quotes will be especially delighted to see their words in your communications.

  3. Incorporate reviews into your print ads or direct mail.

    A strategically placed quote on a print ad or piece of direct mail not only builds trust in your business, it can also demonstrate your strength in a specific market. While you should never reveal your customer’s full name or address in your marketing, you can use a customer’s first name and town or city to protect their identity. For example, attributing a quote to Jim in Harrisburg protects Jim’s identity while still showing you have a happy customer in Harrisburg.

  4. Splash reviews across your social media.

    Our clients who actively engage with their customer reviews also feature them in their social media and follow a regular posting schedule. We typically design a graphic just for customer reviews, so followers can easily identify these types of posts.

  5. Improve the way you do business.

    Customer reviews are a gold mine of insights and information about how your business really operates. Don’t just cherry pick the best reviews. Look them over collectively to see what they have in common. They may reveal a business strength you didn’t know you had or uncover a problem that’s simple to solve.


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