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Wavelength Automated Marketing
3. 2.2 Different kinds of emails
4. 2.3 Forms
5. 2.4 Form follow ups
6. 1.0 Automated Marketing
7. 1.1 Personalized
8. 1.3 Automation Steps In
9. 1.5 Key Benefits. There are Many. Here are a few.
10. 0.1 Automated Intro

Automation steps in

Automation allows brands to build relationships with prospective customers over time and in a very personal way. Businesses can create trackable, customizable work flows that are very specific to the type of audience, type of service, type of need, down to a very granular level if you choose.  Automation does not mean impersonal. Automation does not mean intrusive. Automation does not mean “off brand.”

Automation can be very personal. Very relational. Very helpful. And very much “on brand.” Automation simply means a business is no longer willing to limit growth because it lacks the systems and people to nurture prospective customers.

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