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Microtarget your desired customers.

Direct Marketing is a highly personalized customer experience that is created by matching your website visitors’ IP addresses to street addresses or by matching the street addresses of prospective customers to IP addresses. By pinpointing prospects in this way, Direct Marketing allows you to deliver customized and timely marketing communications that are more precisely aligned with your customers’ needs.

Who Needs Direct Marketing?

Any business that wants to:

  • stop wasting its marketing budget on scattershot tactics that don’t deliver ROI.
  • improve close rates by delivering personalized marketing messages to a highly defined group of prospects.
  • focus sales efforts to spend less time chasing leads and more time closing sales.
  • build more meaningful, productive, and mutually rewarding relationships with customers.
  • see exactly what its marketing dollars are doing with detailed tracking and results reporting.

What Does Direct Marketing Do?

Direct Marketing offers a variety of options, including:

  • matching the IP addresses of your website visitors to street addresses to deliver Smart Direct Mail to the door within one week.
  • matching street addresses in a desirable geographic location to corresponding IP addresses to deliver digital ads to all devices associated with those IP addresses.
  • capturing mobile devices in defined geographic locations or during special events and serving up digital ads to those devices, also known as Geofencing.

More About Direct Marketing

To learn more about Wavelength’s Direct Marketing program and other lead generation tactics, check out these resources.

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Why Choose Wavelength?

Our experienced B2B marketing team will help you:

  • define your target audiences and/or geographic locations and events.
  • establish the scope of your program and scale it to fit your budget and needs.
  • create high-value assets and targeted messaging to optimize program performance.
  • define key performance indicators to ensure your program is progressing toward your business goals.
  • measure the effectiveness of your program and adjust tactics to make sure you’re getting the most for your marketing spend.

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