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Keep your business on target.

Direct marketing is a highly personalized customer experience that allows you to deliver customized and timely marketing communications that are precisely aligned with your customers’ needs and interests.

Direct marketing is ideal for any business that wants to:

  • stop wasting marketing budget on scattershot tactics that don’t deliver ROI.
  • improve close rates by delivering personalized marketing messages.
  • focus sales efforts to spend less time chasing leads and more time closing sales.
  • build more meaningful, productive, and mutually rewarding customer relationships.
  • see exactly what marketing dollars are doing with detailed tracking and results reporting.

Direct Marketing Tactics & Programs

Email Marketing:

Effortlessly keep your business top of mind.

Email marketing lets you plan offers and promotions in advance and distribute messages using an email scheduling tool or by programming emails to send automatically based on website visits.

  • Nurture customer relationships using email and high-interest, customized content.
  • Keep your name in front of customers and prospects with minimal effort from your sales team.
  • Plan marketing communications to stimulate activity during downtime and avoid sales cycle ruts.
  • Nurture warm and cool leads hands-free, so your sales team can stay focused on closing.
  • Gather response data so your sales team knows when it’s time to close.

IP Address Matching:

Microtarget your desired customers.

IP address matching lets you connect with prospects who visit your website or who appear in a defined geographic location. You can capture and match IP addresses to street addresses or connect street addresses to IP addresses.

  • Match the IP addresses of your website visitors to street addresses to deliver smart direct mail to the door within one week.
  • Match street addresses in a target geographic location to corresponding IP addresses to deliver digital ads to all devices associated with those IP addresses.
  • Capture mobile devices in defined geographic locations or during special events and serve up digital ads to those devices, also known as Geofencing.

Smart Direct Mail:

Turn look-and-leave into capture-and-close.

Smart direct mail captures information about your look-and-leave website visitors by tracing their IP addresses to their mailing addresses. Those mailing addresses can then be used to send personalized, timely direct mail pieces to website visitors within three business days.

  • Deliver timely, targeted direct mail messages and offers to customers and prospects who have demonstrated an interest in your business by visiting your website.
  • Only send direct mail to website visitors that meet the criteria you select, such as visiting a specific web page.
  • Set a budget to control your monthly marketing spend.
  • Eliminate excess printing and postage costs by only sending direct mail to those who meet your criteria.
  • Receive reports on direct mail leads to evaluate messaging effectiveness, measure ROI, and determine when it’s time to close.

Account-Based Marketing:

Focus on the prospects you really want.

Account-based marketing is ideal for companies that wish to focus their marketing efforts on winning a select group of businesses as new customers. The prospects you identify become the sole focus of their own individualized marketing campaigns, making each approach highly personalized in a way that stands out from other competitive wide-net marketing efforts.

  • Create individualized marketing campaigns customized for each of your prospects.
  • Personalize marketing messages for each title involved in the decision-making process.
  • Open a dialogue with your prospects that speaks directly to their needs and pain points.
  • Differentiate your business from competitors by delivering a personal touch and a unique brand experience.

Direct Marketing Resources

To learn more about Wavelength’s direct marketing services, we invite you to explore these resources:

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Why Choose Wavelength?

Our experienced marketing team will help you:

  • define your target audiences and/or geographic locations and events.
  • establish the scope of your program and scale it to fit your budget and needs.
  • create high-value assets and targeted messaging to optimize program performance.
  • define key performance indicators to ensure your program is progressing toward your business goals.
  • measure the effectiveness of your program and adjust tactics to make sure you’re getting the most for your marketing spend.

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