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Effortlessly keep your business top of mind.

Email Marketing is a simple, efficient, effective sales tactic that allows businesses to stay in front of customers and prospects until prospects are ready to act. With Email Marketing, you can easily plan offers and promotions in advance and distribute those messages using an email scheduling tool or by programming emails to send automatically based on website visits. Email Marketing is a great way to stay connected with current and dormant customers to keep your business top of mind, revive sales, and boost add-on services.

Who Needs Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is perfect for small-to-mid-sized businesses that:

  • want to make the most of a modest marketing budget.
  • don’t have the sales force to adequately generate new sales leads or cultivate relationships with existing customers.
  • struggle with seasonal or predictable sales cycles that produce uncomfortable highs and lows.
  • have an established customer base that needs reinvigorated and reactivated.

What Does Email Marketing Do?

Email Marketing:

  • nurtures customer relationships using email and high-interest content that is customized for each type of recipient.
  • keeps your name in front of customers and prospects with minimal effort from your sales team.
  • allows you to plan marketing communications to stimulate activity during downtime and avoid sales cycle ruts.
  • performs automatically to nurture warm and cool leads so your sales team can stay focused on closing.
  • collects and reports recipient response data so your sales team knows when it’s time to close.

More About Email Marketing

To learn more about Wavelength’s Email Marketing program and other lead generation tactics, check out these resources.

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Why Choose Wavelength?

Wavelength can help your business:

  • create an Email Marketing program that focuses on your sales goals and works within your budget.
  • sort and group your existing customer database to identify sales opportunities and guide messaging.
  • identify and purchase new mailing lists for prospecting and lead generation.
  • plan content topics and email distribution dates that work in harmony with your other sales and marketing efforts.
  • capture individual responses to your email communications, such as opens and click-throughs.
  • nurture warm and cool responses while passing hot leads on to your sales team.
  • gauge program effectiveness with timely reporting and results tracking.

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