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If you’ve recently decided to add social media to your B2B marketing plan, you may now be wondering what you’re going to talk about and what kind of content will attract the kind of attention you’re seeking. News that is buzzworthy inside your business is not always of interest to your target audiences outside your business, so it’s important to be thoughtful about your followers and what you’re choosing to post.

A general rule of thumb that has served our B2B clients well is to focus social media content on what your customers want or need to know and not just on what you want to promote.

Sometimes this is a very subtle point of distinction, but it’s the difference between promoting all of the dazzling features of a new product that a customer may or may not need and promoting one awesome feature that speaks directly to a customer’s pain point and solves a specific problem. Marketing always boils down to knowing your audience, so your social media content has to have value and it needs to be timely and relevant to your audience.

Keeping this rule in mind, here are two aspects of your business that are almost always a good fit for social media content.

Your culture. Social media is primarily about creating and controlling an image, and it’s no different for B2B businesses. It’s is where people go to get a glimpse behind the curtain. They want a look inside your company to understand what kind of people they’re buying from, or in the case of potential employees, what kind of people they might be working for. Company events, fundraisers, employee recognitions, friendly competitions, or any feel-good news that puts a friendly, welcoming face on your business can go a long way toward building your culture’s brand and planting the tiny seeds that may one day grow into new business relationships.

Your expertise. Lots of B2B businesses struggle with generating content that is relevant and useful to their customers because their products or services don’t change very often (or don’t change at all). In these cases, we encourage clients to focus less on what they do and more on how they do it and how their businesses fit into the broader marketplace. In order for any business to be successful, it has to stay in tune with industry trends and market conditions. When you find a great industry round-up article or a new organization that’s a great resource for your business, it’s a good opportunity to share that resource with your social media audiences. Sometimes it’s as simple as posting a link to a website or a video. Other times you can weigh in on a trend or share a process or engineering insight yourself. Both types of content are strongly encouraged and will signal to your social media followers that you’re in touch with the marketplace and that you understand the dynamics that affect your business.

Effective use of social media includes a variety of content that works in concert to create a complete and ideally positive image of your B2B business that can build relationships with customers, dealers, distributors, and potential employees.

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