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Bad booth locations, low brand awareness, and limited budgets used to be the trade show kiss of death. Not anymore.

Now you can connect with trade show attendees and deliver ads and promotions right to the mobile devices in their hands while they walk the show.

And, you don’t even have to be at the show.

It’s called geofencing, and right now it’s one of the best kept secrets in trade show lead gen tactics.

A Precision Tool for Hyper-Local Marketing

The concept of geofencing has been around for a while, but as GPS has improved and smart phones have invaded every pocket, it has exploded as one of the most precise tools for targeting hyper-local markets and delivering custom content in the decision-making moment. This ability has positioned geofencing as an ideal trade show tactic because the geographic “fence” is already defined, and attendees are primed to receive information about specific products or services.

Geofencing is a great way to prompt attendees to visit your booth and also remind them to explore your offerings after the show is over.

Even with a dazzling booth, a gorgeous interactive product display, and a great booth incentive, it’s tough to reach every attendee and make the personal connections that lead to the sales. Geofencing is a precise tool that can help you overcome your trade show challenges and capture more trade show leads and sales by:

Engaging more attendees. When people attend a trade show, they typically have a small amount of time to cover a large amount of territory. Geofencing is a great way to prompt attendees to visit your booth and also remind them to explore your offerings after the show is over.

Pushing out special offers. Trade shows are a unique scenario in which you know a lot about your target audience. This provides an opportunity to customize offers, test the appeal of different products, and even motivate prospects with limited-time offers based on the timing of the show.

Gathering analytics. Geofencing is highly trackable, which means you can gather a lot of data on prospective customers and their behaviors. For example, you can conduct A/B testing and determine which offers are most successful based on message delivery times and response rates. You can also track click through rates to determine product or offer interest and capture key lead data that can be fed into your sales funnel.

Capturing the audience, even if you’re not at the show. There’s no rule that says you have to be at the trade show to take advantage of geofencing. In fact, small manufacturers that don’t have the budgets to attend big shows are considering geofencing as a way to engage trade show audiences with special offers and incentives without the expense of actually attending the show.

Geofencing is just one of many tools businesses are using to maximize their trade show investments and get more leads and sales out of every event.

Wavelength can help you convert your trade show leads.

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