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We’ve talked about finding content for your B2B social media, and now it’s time to think about how often you’ll want to post to your social media outlets. You’ve probably already looked at the research, and there is a ton of research. That’s the problem. There is a ton of research, and there’s no real consensus or clearly right answer for what the optimum number of posts should be.  So, if you were freaked out by some report that said you should be tweeting 15 times a day, calm down. Instead of looking at it from a mathematical perspective, let’s apply a little common sense instead.

Commit to posting at least once a day to each outlet in your program.

First, let’s not forget that you should only be posting what your target followers (a.k.a. customers) want or need to know. Your posts should add value, not noise. If you’re feeling pressure to pump out some posts, take a step back and evaluate what you’re putting out there. If you get in the habit of just filling a box with 140 characters so you can check it off your to do list, your followers will quickly figure that out and will unfollow. Keep your eye on the prize. Prize equals followers. Followers want good content.

But still, you’re asking, how many posts is enough to get followers and keep them?

This is where the common sense comes in. If social media is a serious part of your marketing plan and plays a key role in generating sales for your business, then you need to commit to posting at least once a day to each outlet in your program.

Why once a day?

Two reasons.

  1. Social media is a habit, and if you think about how habits work, they are incorporated into our daily routines. If you want to become part of someone’s daily routine, you have to be there every day and you have to be worth it. You have to offer a reward for the behavior in order for the behavior to become habitual. The reward for your followers is good content.
  2. Once a day is doable. It’s a reasonable starting point that you can build on, and it will help you form the habit in the same way it will help your followers. Where will all that content come from? In our previous blog we talked about your culture and your expertise as two primary sources, but there is another strategy you can apply here, and that’s content amplification. Content amplification refers to using a key piece of content, such as a new blog or video, and getting more mileage out of it wherever possible, like in your social media. After you post that new blog or video to your website, you can generate multiple posts promoting the new content simply by taking a single line or talking point, promoting it in a post, and directing traffic to your website. The more you do this, the easier and more automatic it will become…like a habit.

You may find that once you get into the swing of things, you’ll have more than one post per day, and that’s okay. Just be careful not to over do it. Over-posting can quickly lead to valueless content, and your followers will tire of reading content that’s a waste of their time. As long as your content matters to your followers, they’ll remain your followers.

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