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Direct Mail

Today’s direct mail allows you to micro-target neighborhoods instead of blanketing zip codes,

and using tools such as EDDM, it allows you to select key demographics, like household incomes and home ownership. Direct mail can also be incorporated into automated email marketing campaigns to reinforce your message or offer when a prospect shows interest.

A direct mail program from Wavelength can:

  • Precisely target the types of customers you want to reach.
  • Capture leads by integrating with other tactics.
  • Keep your business in front of your prospects.
  • Help you generate steady sales year-round.


  • Handpick your demographics.
  • Customize your message.
  • Control your timing.
  • Track your results.

Use it to:

  • Promote special offers.
  • Introduce your business to a new market.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Position your business as consistent and reliable.

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