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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely efficient way to capture leads and nurture them over a period of time.

With a thoughtful automated email plan, you’ll never let another lead languish due to slow response or inaction, and database management and reporting are streamlined.

Using 24/7/365 email automation tools, Wavelength can design an email marketing program that:

  • Fluidly executes drip campaigns.
  • Creates a dynamic interaction between your marketing messages and customer responses.
  • Captures customer data and reports response behaviors.
  • Ranks responses into hot, warm, and cold.
  • Integrates with other marketing tactics, such as remessaging and direct mail.
  • Nurtures leads throughout the sales cycle.


  • Customize messages for different audiences.
  • Choose the day and time for the best response.
  • Plan for and respond to if/then scenarios for customer behaviors.
  • Drive leads where you want them: landing pages, form fills, click-to-call, and more.

Use it to:

  • Take control of your lead nurturing process.
  • Manage your customer and prospect databases.
  • Organize leads and control responses to interest.
  • Streamline the funnel from the lead to the sale.

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