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SEO & Pay-Per-Click

SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) can help you reach people

who are searching online for your products or services from the moment they begin searching. We’ll choose the search terms specific to your customers and prospects, and when the search begins, your company is there.

Wavelength can design an SEO and PPC program that:

  • Incorporates keywords and response triggers effectively.
  • Delivers valuable content.
  • Optimizes your website for voice search and mobile.
  • Coordinates the timing of your PPC with customer behavior patterns.
  • Adapts PPC messages and timing to customer behaviors to improve response rates.


  • Improves your search rankings.
  • Promotes your company in the decision-making moment.
  • Increases your brand awareness.
  • Controls your marketing spend.

Use SEO to:

  • Improve your search rankings.
  • Increase organic visibility.

Use PPC for:

  • Short-term promotions.
  • Small-budget campaigns.
  • Testing offers and measuring results.
  • Responding quickly to market events.

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