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Strategy & Planning

Growth-oriented companies plan their marketing well in advance of the months in which they want to see sales.

They also align their sales goals with their marketing strategy and tactics, and they measure and adapt their tactics based on market response.

Wavelength can help you:

  • Move into new markets.
  • Plan for acquisitions and implement onboarding programs.
  • Respond to changes among your competitors or within your industry.
  • Leverage new technology or new capabilities.
  • Measure your marketing impact.
  • Adjust tactics to produce desired results.


  • Time your marketing tactics to coincide with planning and buying cycles.
  • Adjust your plan to accommodate trends and changes in behavior.
  • Use your budget more effectively.

Use it when:

  • You’re struggling to meet your sales goals.
  • You’re planning a significant change in the way you go to market.
  • You’re experiencing a decline in sales.
  • Competitors are stealing your market share.
  • You want to maximize your marketing budget.

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