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As customer behavior shifts brands must remain agile enough to incorporate new tactics that mirror customer interests into their marketing strategies. Brands with fluid prospect customer profiles are identifying strategies to incorporate customer-driven content AND user-generated content into their inbound programs.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content is any content (images, text, video, or audio) that has been created, or sometimes just shared, by users to online platforms. User-generated content can be a high-impact way to draw attention to a brand.

A new kind of content strategy

Content is critical in the development of a strong, cohesive brand and to launching a successful marketing campaign. Integrating user-generated content adds authenticity to an online strategy.

You do not have to completely open up your brand to accepting content from users and risking someone else sharing messages that are not consistent with your brand. Working with a dedicated marketing agency that can create quality content and identify ways to better promote your brand can lead to great user-generated opportunities. An agency knows what opportunities can be best used to your brand’s benefit and also vet any user-generated content that is created.

Customer-driven content is the best way to draw in people by providing them with the information and content they want to see. Understanding what your customer is looking for makes it easier to connect with customers and share pertinent information about your business and products. Providing customers with a way to let you know what this content is and contribute some of their own is a great strategy.

People trust content that comes from other users, often over information provided by the brand itself. They want to see someone they can relate to discussing the brand. Many brands encourage consumers to share pictures of them using the brand’s product or service and often have a unique hashtag or keyword to group these posts together. Seeing these posts makes the brand feel more authentic.

In 2016, Starbucks generated brand attention by creating the #RedCupArt challenge, which invited people to create art for their holiday red cups that receive significant attention every year. That same year, Starbucks choose 13 cup art designs from customers and then served drinks in cups featuring that art. It brought attention to artists and started quite a buzz about Starbucks’ brand, all in a positive light.

When it comes to creating quality user- and customer-driven content, it’s vital that you work with an expert agency that has experience in identifying the brand and client needs and then implementing those.

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