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  1. Optimize your content for the right search engine.

While Google dominates over 80 percent of the world, your international market may use a different search engine. Know which search engine your prospects are using, and follow the rules for the best ranking.

  1. Translate your website and PPC to accurately reflect the language of your prospects.

Don’t rely on crude translation tools or depend on your prospects to make decisions based on product pictures. Trudging through a site or looking at an ad that’s written in an unfamiliar language is an instant barrier to forming a business relationship.

  1. Use the right keywords for the culture.

Differences in terminology and colloquialisms can alter search terms in foreign countries. To capture these differences, work with a translator (a real person, not Google Translate), and use country-specific or regional keyword tools to create the correct alignment for SEO.

  1. Check the cost per click.

Clicks at home and abroad come at a different price. Make sure you know what each click costs in your foreign market, so you can budget appropriately.

  1. Optimize your PPC and web pages for the right devices.

Some foreign businesses use desktop computers. Others rely on cellphones and tablets. Know which devices your market prefers and program your content to deliver the best customer experience.

  1. Price products using local currency.

If you’re an e-commerce business, display your prices in the local currency to make it faster and easier to see your value.

  1. Time your PPC appropriately.

The time of the year, the week, or the day that your PPC message reaches your marketplace is a defining factor in whether or not your message seen. Know the local business cycles and behaviors.

  1. Add a foreign domain extension.

Your foreign prospects may be more at ease with a domain extension from their own country, and seeing a familiar domain extension can encourage instant trust.

  1. Get your tone, colors, and imagery right.

Verify your ads and website are using the right words, colors, and images to accurately convey your message.

  1. Let the data direct you.

Give your PPC time to produce results, and let the response data guide you in adjusting your messages and your timing. A/B testing is a great way to hone in the right triggers.

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