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Wavelength launched a new website for its long-time partner and client MANTEC amidst a flurry of excitement that the new site will connect thousands of South Central PA manufacturers with much needed resources for training, technology, process improvement, and sales and marketing. Wavelength and MANTEC, a private, non-profit manufacturing services provider, have worked in partnership for more than 13 years. MANTEC selected Wavelength to modernize its website’s design and improve the user experience in an effort to more effectively serve the more than 3,000 manufacturers in its region.

“Wavelength has worked closely with MANTEC for more than a decade, helping them to communicate their relevance to our regional manufacturing communities and working together to bring real growth to dozens of manufacturers,” said Jennifer Peterson, Wavelength president. “We’re celebrating the launch of this new website as another step in our partnership with MANTEC and as a revitalized resource to aid the financial success of businesses and people in the mid-state region.”

According to Wavelength Director of Digital Experience Matt Hollenbach, the previous MANTEC website was challenging for manufacturers to navigate, due in part to the diversity of the manufacturers themselves and the wide variety of services MANTEC offers. “Many manufacturers know they have a problem, but they may not recognize the cause or understand how to solve it,” said Hollenbach. “To connect manufacturers to MANTEC and move them to the right solutions, we optimized the language for searchability and streamlined the navigation and visual experience once they arrived on the site.”

As part of the website overhaul, the new design uses colors, fonts, and page layouts to guide visitors down a logical path to the right information, and simple calls to action are in place to connect manufacturers with MANTEC specialty advisors that are matched to their industry and needs. Content is also crafted to speak to different kinds of manufacturing issues and to provide detailed introductions to MANTEC’s many resources. MANTEC serves nine counties in South Central Pennsylvania and is a member of a network of seven Industrial Resource Centers across Pennsylvania and 60 centers across the United States. For more about MANTEC and to view the new website, visit

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