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Pacer Pumps is an established centrifugal water pump manufacturer that is ready to differentiate itself from its competitors and land a short list of key accounts to grow sales. To accomplish these goals, Pacer Pumps selected Wavelength to build an Account-Based Marketing program that will identify Pacer’s key differentiator and align Pacer’s offering with the needs and pain points of its targeted accounts. Wavelength will also incorporate a lead gen strategy to revitalize Pacer’s brand awareness, create new customer relationships, and stimulate sales.

“Account-Based Marketing is a type of marketing in which we work with a client to identify a list of highly desirable customers that they would like to win as clients, and then we specifically go after those customers with a strategy and tactics that speak to each customer’s individual needs,” explains Jennifer Simpson, Wavelength president. “Ultimately, we will provide Pacer with all of the marketing and lead gen support they need to intelligently approach their target customers and build thoughtful relationships that anticipate each customers’ needs and offer solutions.”

Pacer Pumps specializes in economical, dependable thermoplastic pumps that serve a variety of industries and applications, including agriculture, aquaculture, industrial, and marine. Over the years, Pacer has enjoyed steady sales, but growth has plateaued. The company knows that with the right marketing approach, they can become a preferred pump supplier for their target accounts. To achieve this, Wavelength’s Account-Based Marketing program and lead gen strategy will nurture both dealers and end-users by delivering customized, high-interest content using specific tactics and communication channels.

“Pacer Pumps offers a solid, dependable line of products that can readily compete with other best-in-class pump manufacturers,” notes Simpson. “Our job is to differentiate Pacer in a way that demonstrates their unique and compelling value to a focused set of accounts that Pacer wants to win. We’re really excited about the opportunity to help them grow in this extremely targeted and precise way.”


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