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Disrupting the Market with an Affordable New Automation Solution


OEE DataWatch is a tech startup that was looking to make inroads with small and mid-sized manufacturers who needed a clear, affordable path into the world of Industry 4.0. What the company offers is a standardized approach to data acquisition and automation that is in stark contrast to complex proprietary solutions that typically cost manufacturers twice as much in upfront investment. At the start of the website project, OEE DataWatch had an equipment monitoring and control system already designed and had installations with a handful of clients. What they needed was a website that would package their offering and clearly present it to the right audiences to start generating interest and establishing credibility.


Based on the simplicity and affordability of the OEE DataWatch solution, we knew it would be met with skepticism by the manufacturing industry. The content of the website had to be logically organized and work hard to overcome this initial objection and quickly get to how the system is able to do what it does so efficiently and affordably. Content writing and organization were key in creating a website that not only details the OEE solution but also speaks the audience’s language and anticipates and answers their questions. The website also delivers a natural, fluid user experience that leads prospects quickly to the information they’re seeking. The website includes branding of both OEE DataWatch and its Genesis line of products as well as SEO-driven content for vertical markets and simple calls-to-action that are strategically placed and encourage inquiries at each level of product exploration.


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