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Generating Leads Through Audience Education


After creating a website for tech startup OEE DataWatch, Wavelength worked with OEE’s subject matter experts to develop content that would effectively educate system integrators, facility managers, line operators, and IT pros about the benefits of integrating a standardized equipment monitoring and control solution.


Because OEE was a new player, content had to quickly capture attention by leading with benefits. Content writing was critical in educating audiences about a new approach to automation. Like the website, content had to speak the right language. It had to anticipate questions, prioritize their importance, and break them down into a series of individual messages that each demonstrated a key feature and benefits. Using this approach, we created a path to introduce this new player to the market and excite audiences with their offering in a systematic and easily digestible way.

Later, OEE introduced a consulting service called the Automation Roadmap, which we supported with a similar marketing approach. Currently, OEE’s lead gen program uses email marketing and social media to promote educational, benefits-focused content and landing pages to capture leads that connect through social channels or organic search.

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