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Candidate Profiling in Employee Recruitment Initiatives


A regional machine shop had specific growth goals in mind but also had a critical problem — they needed more skilled employees to help support the planned growth. Without new, ready-to-go team members, the company would plateau.


We began by building an in-depth profile of the ideal candidate. The candidate profiling process involved deep dive sessions with management and HR, a competitive evaluation and comparison, online brand reputation assessment, and most importantly, the development of the likes, dislikes, and behaviors of our target candidates. The goal was to identify where we would find these candidates both inside and outside of the daily professional realm.

To micro target ideal candidates, we used a combination of digital advertising (paid social, geofencing, IP targeting), content marketing, online brand reputation enhancement, and public relations. We also engaged our UX expert to analyze and improve the home page and careers pages to streamline the process for our targets. After each tactic was deployed and changes were made to the website, we used our web user behavioral analysis tool to tell us if our strategies were working.


The program delivered the desired number of candidates two months earlier than planned, thus reducing our client’s investment. Today, they can use our model to conduct employee recruitment with the same strategies but without the outside cost.

Wavelength helped this machine shop fill the required number of candidates.

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