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Creating a Positive User Experience to Fill the Funnel


MANTEC is a private, non-profit manufacturing service provider for small and mid-sized manufacturing enterprises in South Central Pennsylvania. The organization has four distinct service areas, plus a continually updated calendar of training and events that serve everyone from the factory floor to the executive suite. MANTEC needed its website to work harder to get its varied audiences quickly to the content they were seeking, and it needed the site to do a more efficient and effective job of capturing leads to generate new business.

Solution: What’s on hand and in stock?

Wavelength updated MANTEC’s website with a fresh, new look and design that provides site visitors with a positive, user-focused experience. The simple, clutter-free layout and logical flow guide users quickly to the services and information they want while also providing consistent calls-to-action to capture leads and track user interests.


MANTEC’s website now meets all of the organization’s initial project goals, which included:

  • clearly communicating services and value to different audience profiles.
  • differentiating and separating MANTEC from its consultant competitors.
  • providing valuable information that encourages visitors to act.
  • elevating MANTEC’s brand awareness.
  • improving the website user’s experience.
  • increasing lead generation.

In addition, Wavelength’s UX expert provided additional site improvements that included:

  • consistent use of color to cue and direct visitors to different types of content.
  • clean, uncluttered page designs with clear, logical flow.
  • convenient and consistently placed calls-to-action.
  • simple form fills to quickly connect visitors to resources and support.
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