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A Variety of Services to Regional Manufacturers


As an Industrial Resource Center (IRC), MANTEC serves nine counties in South Central Pennsylvania, offering a variety of services to regional manufacturers that include sales and marketing support, process improvement, manufacturing technology, and workforce engagement. Over time, the organization’s website had become outdated and was no longer able to keep pace with the needs and demands of the industries it served.


Wavelength redesigned the MANTEC website to deliver consistent branding using its established colors, fonts, and messaging and provided logical page layouts that guide visitors down a direct path to the information they seek. Simple calls-to-action connect manufacturers with MANTEC specialty advisors who are matched to their industry and needs. Content is also crafted to speak to different kinds of manufacturing audiences. The new website included basic training for MANTEC on how to continue to maintain and update the website on their own, giving them complete control once the project was complete.

Web deliverables:

  • Redesign
  • Consistent use of established branding
  • Logical user-friendly page layouts that guide visitors down a direct path to the information they seek
  • Simple calls-to-action
  • Content crafted to speak to different kinds of manufacturing audiences
  • Basic training for MANTEC on maintaining and updating the website
We’re getting stronger leads than we used to. Ever since the website launched, when prospects reach out, they’re ‘warmer’, better informed about what they need, and more willing to talk about their needs.
Daniel Laskowitz
Professional Business Advisor
Making updates and adding new content to our website has never been so easy – Wavelength provided us with the know-how to keep our website fresh and relevant!
Nora Rotz
Marketing Manager
We are appreciative of the work done by Wavelength regarding NEPIRC’s updated website and the speed and professionalism with which the task was conducted in a short time frame.
Eric Joseph Esoda, CPA
President & CEO
Their UX approach is more important in the development of a site than I had ever imagined. Wavelength is our only partner that was able to bring this to the table.
Leigh Ann Wilson
Chief Operating Officer

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