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Nonprofit Selling Donated Building Supplies and Providing Jobs for People In Need


Re-Source York is a York, PA-based non-profit home improvement and building supply resale organization that has served as a valuable community resource since 2002. The organization operates retail stores to sell donated building supplies and home furnishings to the public, providing jobs for people needing vocational support, and contributing financial support with emergency homeless services for York County families. With so much to offer its local residents, Re-Source York committed to creating an even stronger connection with its community by providing a new website that would help its customers more easily access and understand all of the organization’s available resources. 


Wavelength focused on content writing for the website that would efficiently and effectively explain who Re-Source York is and what they do to three types of site visitors: people who want to buy items, people who want to drop off/donate items, and people who want to donate money or volunteer time. These audiences include low-income household members, new renters, contractors, and home renovators, as well as property management companies. The new website also needed to clearly communicate what types of items and conditions are acceptable for donation. Key messages around which the site was organized include: how to buy items, how to donate items, and how to donate money or volunteer, as well as presenting Re-Source York as a community partner. 


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