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Lead Gen Program Produces 3X Increase in 30 Days


Three M Tool is a designer and manufacturer of stainless steel wire baskets and engineered metal solutions that serve in a variety of applications and industries, including medical, automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing. In 2021, Three M Tool kicked off the year with a new goal to increase revenue by attracting new customers and encouraging repeat projects from existing customers. To accomplish this goal, Three M Tool partnered with Wavelength to create a marketing strategy that would proactively generate this new business while also relieving sales personnel from the time-consuming task of chasing down the next project.


Wavelength met with Three M Tool and quickly understood the complexity of its business. While exploring potential vertical markets and target audiences, Wavelength worked with Three M Tool to identify barriers to success within its existing lead gen structure. These barriers included the absence of a unique selling proposition (USP) and an underperforming website and SEO program. The team then worked to resolve these barriers by introducing a clear USP with supporting messaging and organizing the website to create a more logical and satisfying user experience for customers. Once these elements were in place, we followed with a targeted lead gen campaign driven by high-value content delivered via email.

The nine-month program, currently in its second month of active lead gen, produced exciting results in the first 30 days. Bigger results are also on the horizon as messaging and tactics continue to be fine-tuned.


Within the first 30 days, the sales team received as many as 12 leads in one week, and they have continued to receive 10 to 15 leads per week during the active campaign. That’s 3X more leads each week than had come in during the entire three months preceding the start of the campaign.

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