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Filling the Basket with Leads


Three M Tool is a designer and manufacturer of stainless steel wire baskets and engineered metal solutions that serve in a variety of applications and industries, including medical, automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing. In 2021, Three M Tool kicked off the year with a new goal to increase revenue by attracting new customers and encouraging repeat projects from existing customers. To accomplish this goal, Three M Tool asked Wavelength to create a marketing strategy that would use targeted content to engage current and dormant customers to stimulate new projects and encourage repeat business.


Wavelength met with Three M Tool and quickly understood the complexity of its business. While exploring potential vertical markets and target audiences, Wavelength worked with Three M Tool to identify barriers to success within its existing lead gen structure. These barriers included the absence of a unique selling proposition (USP) and an underperforming website and SEO program. The team then worked to resolve these barriers by introducing a clear USP with supporting messaging and organizing the website to create a more logical and satisfying user experience for customers. Once these elements were in place, we followed with a targeted lead gen campaign driven by high-value content delivered via email.

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