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Direct mail is still an extremely viable option for marketers, particularly when it comes to businesses that are looking to expand their local reach. Some people may say that direct mail is outdated, but we addressed in our recent article on direct mail why this idea is false. Direct mail holds plenty of value for businesses, particularly when coupled with programmatic digital data processing. It provides a way to intertwine technology and direct mail to market to consumers in a deeply personalized way.

Personalized direct mail (PDM) captures online behavior and delivers intelligent, personalized offline content to the site visitor; it can occur as rapidly as 72 hours after the site visit. Utilizing PDM allows brands to reinforce online behavior quickly and remain top of mind for the consumer. It also addresses cart and page abandonment issues, allows for dozens of customized triggers and offer follow-up, and is trackable from point of visit to sale.

Brands that find themselves frustrated by high site bounce rates, low digital campaign conversion rates, or spray-and-pray campaign strategies will benefit from the targeted, personalized one-two punch that PDM provides.

To give an idea of how the process works:

We won’t say the possibilities are endless and there are some brands that won’t qualify for this level of automated personalization due to high site traffic, but we will say that there is enormous untapped potential for brands that want to move from broad-based campaigns to laser-focused, highly measurable strategies.

Application: Existing Customers

For your existing customers that you still want to keep engaged in your brand or reward their loyalty, as well as for implementing cross selling and upsell messaging, you can set a specific piece of direct mail to be sent to those customers. Place the trigger on your account login page and when an existing customer accesses it, they’ll receive mail.

One of the great features of PDM is that you can implement creative matching, ie. design different pieces of mail to be sent depending on what page was visited. You also do not have to worry about sending customers a piece of direct mail every time they log in. With frequency capping, the technology tracks a user’s IP address and monitors if they visit your site more than once and use multiple pages and then blocks them from receiving more than the set number of pieces of mail. They’ll only receive one relevant piece of mail instead of a piece for every site visit, thus eliminating unnecessary cost for your business.

You can reach out to any visitor on any page and send a uniquely designed piece of direct mail to capture their attention.

Application: Email Subscribers

If you’re focusing on increasing your number of email subscribers, you can achieve this goal by sending new site visitors relevant offline offers that pique their interest and can pull them back onto the site. Include an offer and link that requires them to submit their email address in order to access the offer.

Application: Anyone!

In reality, PDM can be used to reach any consumers who visit your site and fit the parameters you create with the technology. You can reach out to any visitor on any page and send a uniquely designed piece of direct mail to capture their attention.

Once a consumer has received your piece of direct mail, whether an old customer or a new one, you can follow up with detailed analytics that help measure the effectiveness of the campaign. You can include specific, personalized URLs for different triggered mail and you can opt for a unique tracking code on each individual piece. When recipients go back online, that tracking code lets you know whether or not that specific piece of mail was successful.

Identify the content and the outcome, create the rule, and send the mailers. Then sit back and wait to see your results.

Wavelength Marketing continuously explores new technologies to better service clients and boost their business. If you’re interested in learning more about our triggered direct mail initiative, contact Gary or call 717-823-6939.

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