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If you really want to stand out to job seekers, you need to get creative with how you reach them. For some industries, finding qualified employees is wildly competitive and one dollar an hour more can convince them to work for your competitor. For others, a potential employee may choose a lower salary because another company did a more effective job of showing the perks of their company culture. If you want to reach your ideal candidates, it’s time to get creative with how you connect with them.

  1. Target where they’ll be. One of the most creative ways to reach job seekers is thinking like them and identifying the places they frequent. While many potential hires are searching the web and visiting career websites and job boards, there are going to be a large amount of desirable candidates who aren’t actively searching for a job or do not know where to begin.
    • Identify your ideal hire and then talk to your current employees. Ask them where they like to spend their time outside of work and where they think qualified candidates would spend their time. It’s important to have workers that have the knowledge for the job, but you also want them to be a culture fit as well.
    • Create a line of advertisements, like flyers, business cards, even bar coasters, and then leave these items in places where you think future employees will see them.

You need to successfully brand and market your business to recruit the best talent.

  1. Use your employees. We’ve highlighted before the huge benefits of utilizing the employees you already have to help find new ones. They’re likely the most qualified to identify whether or not someone has the skills and personality needed to fit in and excel at the company. Offer incentives to current employees for referring successful candidates. You can go one step further and create merchandise for your employees to wear. Create t-shirts, drawstring bags, sunglasses – anything you think they would use. Then, when they’re spending time in public, people will see these items and reach out to find out more information.
    • When creating this merchandise, highlight the best benefits of your culture and that the company is hiring. You need it to be visually appealing and catchy. We’ve worked on projects similar to this type of recruitment marketing before and can help create these visuals.
  2. Create engaging content. It’s no longer simply enough to write a job description and post it to your website and job boards; you need to successfully brand and market your business to recruit the best talent. Create original content positioning your business as an expert in the industry. Highlight the type of culture you offer employees. Share engaging information about the jobs available and how current employees enjoy what they do. If you want to attract great employees, you need to put the effort in by creating original and thoughtful content. 
  3. Get active in the community. While you should have a positive culture during working hours, getting involved in the community has many benefits as well. People want to work for companies that are engaged in giving back to others; they care about social responsibility. Potential employees will feel the same way. Consumers also care about businesses who value giving back. By becoming active in the community, whether through volunteer work, sponsorship, or sitting on boards, a business can spread the word about their company and attract job seekers (and new customers!).
  4. Share on all channels. It is no longer enough to only rely on the career page on your website and a couple of job boards. Now, hiring managers need to use all the channels available to them to share information about job openings. You should still post on your website and job boards, but you also need to share the news that you’re hiring on your social media channels (with relevant hashtags), every available job board, and to your employees. Getting the word out and making sure people are aware of your open positions is the first step to finding great hires.

If you want to know more about how Wavelength Marketing can help you improve your recruitment marketing efforts and connect with qualified job seekers, contact Gary Peterson at gary @ or 717-823-6939.

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