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Turn look-and-leave into capture-and-close.

Smart Direct Mail captures information about your look-and-leave website visitors by tracing their IP addresses to their mailing addresses. Those mailing addresses can then be used to send personalized, timely direct mail pieces to the website visitors within three business days.

Realize a significant boost in conversions and a substantial reduction in postage and printing costs.

Who Needs Smart Direct Mail?

Smart Direct Mail is perfect for businesses that:

  • are already using direct mail but want to see better results from their direct mail program.
  • have high website traffic but low contact rates and conversions.
  • have thought about using direct mail but found printing and postage to be cost-prohibitive.
  • have a Direct Marketing program and want to use direct mail as a tactic.

What Does Smart Direct Mail Do?

Smart Direct Mail:

  • delivers timely, targeted direct mail messages and offers to customers and prospects who have demonstrated an interest in your business by visiting your website.
  • only sends direct mail to website visitors that meet the criteria you select, such as visiting a specific web page.
  • allows you to set a budget to control your monthly marketing spend.
  • eliminates excess printing and postage costs by only sending direct mail to those who meet your criteria.
  • tracks and reports on direct mail leads to evaluate messaging effectiveness, measure ROI, and determine when it’s time to close.

More About Smart Direct Mail

To learn more about Wavelength’s Smart Direct Mail program and other lead generation tactics, check out these resources.

Smart Direct Mail
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Why Choose Wavelength?

Wavelength can help your business:

  • create a Smart Direct Mail program that focuses on your sales goals and fits within your budget.
  • identify a strategy and establish criteria for when your direct mail will be triggered to send.
  • design and write engaging, high-interest direct mail messages and offers that will help move your prospects to action.
  • measure the program’s effectiveness and ROI with timely reporting and results tracking.
  • communicate results to your sales team when it’s time to close.

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