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New client S&L Spindles seeks to break out of seasonal sales cycle

Diversifying product offerings using existing equipment, staff, and skill sets is no small task, but agility is essential in today’s marketplace for companies that want to survive and grow over the long term. That’s precisely what S&L Spindles wants to do, and as Wavelength’s newest client, they’re already taking big steps toward making it happen.

S&L Spindles specializes in pressure treated and cedar outdoor wood deck products, including staircase banisters, spindles, and wooden handrails. This 30-year-old company consistently enjoys healthy sales from late spring to early fall, but slowdowns are common during the winter months. With available staff and equipment underutilized for up to five months out of the year and with a material as diverse and readily available as wood, S&L Spindles recognized an opportunity to expand its product offering without a major investment.

Looking to increase sales and supplement the seasonal buying cycle of wood deck products, S&L Spindles called on MANTEC, a private, non-profit manufacturing service provider, to conduct market research and explore its diversification options. After a preliminary evaluation of S&L Spindles’ product line, resources, and opportunities within the marketplace, MANTEC identified Wavelength as the qualified solution provider best suited to meet the company’s marketing needs. Building on the initial research presented by MANTEC, Wavelength is now advancing S&L Spindles’ objectives by conducting additional research on new products and prospective audiences and developing strategies for taking those new products to market.

“Our goal is to increase S&L Spindle’s annual sales by 15 to 20 percent and keep plant operations moving at a more comfortable, predictable pace throughout the winter months,” said Jennifer Peterson, Wavelength president. “They have the skill, they have the equipment, and they have the desire to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, and that’s a recipe for success. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to watch them grow.”

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