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If you feel that you have a strong grip on what lead nurturing is and how it can play a large role in the success of your business, it’s time to identify how you can nurture your best leads and turn them into sales. There are plenty of tactics out there that can help you achieve this goal, and you need to identify which ones will work best for your business.

Create targeted content

At every stage in lead nurturing, you need to create content targeted directly at the people you’re trying to reach. Consider how you can personalize the content in an email, a helpful article, or other useful communication. As you nurture leads, you should always strive to add value.

Focus on different channels

Many businesses focus solely on email marketing when trying to generate and nurture leads, but utilizing different channels can dramatically improve your success rate. Consider all of your communication options, including white papers, infographics, videos, and social media.

Know when to follow up

After you’ve sent your initial messages or gotten a hot lead, it’s important to know when to follow up.  A recent study shows that a lead is 21 times more likely to move into your sales funnel when you reach out within five minutes of initial interest, but be cautious. Unless a prospect shows immediate interest, pace your follow-up communication appropriately, so you don’t overwhelm your lead by over-communicating.

Study your data

Data holds a lot of power in today’s market. In order to have an understanding of the pain points of your audience and how your business can better cater to them, you need to take time to analyze your data. Understand how people visiting your website are engaging with your content and match your tactics to their needs.

Utilize lead scoring

Lead scoring is highly beneficial in nurturing leads and getting conversions. Unfortunately, only 21 percent of B2B marketers say they actually use it. Lead scoring is prioritizing your leads by studying user behavior and determining what that behavior is worth. Once you’ve placed a value on those behaviors, you can use the data to organize leads and identify those that display the highest value behaviors.

Align sales and marketing 

Far too often, sales and marketing departments do not work together and instead try to separately achieve the same goals. If you want to truly be able to nurture leads, get your sales and marketing teams talking. Have each group apprise the other of the tactics they’re using and share ideas with one another. When sales and marketing work together, you’ll see higher success rates.

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