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Wavelength recently completed the branding for a new startup company called OEE Datawatch, LLC, that included the launch of the company’s content-rich website. The new branding and website will help OEE Datawatch disrupt the automation market with an affordable new automation solution for manufacturers that will cost about half the price of traditional automation. The new system is called the UAK1000 Universal Automation Kiosk, and it’s a patent-pending station that delivers universal automation control and an operator interface with plug-and-play functionality in a single, cost-effective package. OEE Datawatch and its UAK1000 are poised to be game-changers that will centralize the plant floor and manufacturing data for small-to-mid-sized manufacturers without expensive startup costs for engineering and schematics.

“Manufacturers expect automation systems like the one being introduced by OEE Datawatch to come in a complicated package with a big price tag, and it’s our job to change that perception with the right branding and content” explained Jennifer Peterson, Wavelength president. “By studying OEE’s target audiences and understanding their perceptions of centralized automation, we were able to craft the right brand image and messages and develop website content that educates manufacturers about this new, revolutionary, and affordable automation system.”

The new OEE Datawatch website included in the branding project features a comprehensive overview of the UAK1000 and an in-depth look at its features and benefits with a full account of its specifications. The site offers an interactive image of the kiosk with hover-over callouts that draw attention to a variety of features and functions. The website also includes SEO-driven content for vertical markets and a resource library with links to training videos that offer start-up support after the sale. Simple calls to action are strategically placed throughout the website, encouraging inquiries at each level of product exploration, and step-by-step instructions make ordering quick and easy.

To see the new OEE Datawatch brand and explore the new website, visit

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