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Merchandising Solutions, a manufacturer of custom plastic product displays and industrial parts located in Lancaster, PA, has partnered with Wavelength to jumpstart its marketing and set the company on a fast track for growth in 2021.

Despite having a strong foundation of repeat business and loyal customers, Merchandising Solutions found its sales stagnating. The company was also experiencing COVID-related client disruption caused by role changes and eliminated positions within their client base. Merchandising Solutions reached out to MANTEC, an independent resource council for manufacturers, looking for marketing recommendations that would help the company attract more new business and promote growth that better aligns with the company’s more high-efficiency, high-margin capabilities. MANTEC identified Wavelength as the qualified solution provider best suited to meet Merchandising Solutions’ marketing needs.

Known for its custom product displays, such as point-of-purchase displays, product glorifiers, and countertop displays, Merchandising Solutions also has the unique capability of producing industrial parts for OEMs. It’s these two distinct industries that make the company’s brand identity and marketing challenging, as each represents a different audience with different needs.

“We’ve done a lot of foundational work with Merchandising Solutions to define their target audiences and identify and refine their competitive differential and value messages,” said Jennifer Simpson, Wavelength president. “Understanding what each type of customer needs and identifying the right language to speak to them is key to establishing the trust that opens doors to new relationships.”

According to Simpson, the biggest challenge is Merchandising Solutions’ distinct audiences. “Plastics distributors, designers, and brokers share a set of common interests that includes custom branding and aesthetics, but OEM’s are a completely different group that is much more interested in precise specifications and long-term product performance,” noted Simpson. “Our job is to reach each audience with the right language and messages that position Merchandising Solutions as the best solution for their needs.”

Merchandising Solutions’ marketing program will kick off with a rework of the company’s existing website that will include a restructuring of the site map, content updating and new content creation, and SEO. This work will be followed by a lead generation and nurturing campaign, which is set to begin in early spring.

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