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Helping Three M Tool of York, PA, identify new opportunities for growth and open channels for lead generation will be the primary focus of Wavelength’s newest client relationship.

Three M Tool is a designer and manufacturer of custom industrial wire baskets and a fabricator of rod, wire, mesh, and perforated metal. Three M has been successful in producing wire baskets for OEMs and end users that use the baskets within a piece of equipment or as part of a production process, but market disruptions and shifts in market dynamics have caused the company to more legwork lately in order to keep its pipeline full. These conditions have made for inconsistent workflows and created challenges in keeping skilled personnel and equipment operating at capacity.

“Actively listening to our clients’ needs, goals, and frustrations and gaining their perspectives on the real day-to-day challenges of their business are critical first steps in any new client relationship, and this approach is a true differentiator for Wavelength,” said Jennifer Simpson, Wavelength president. “Our strategy and tactics for Three M Tool will be based on their distinct position within their industry and on their specific needs and goals for growth.”

Just like Three M designs custom wire baskets to fit flawlessly into a piece of equipment, Wavelength will design a custom marketing program that perfectly aligns with Three M’s goals for growth.

“Wavelength is doing the real work of marketing,” notes Simpson. “That work starts with listening carefully and thinking critically about what the client has to offer and how and where that offering aligns with the needs and pain points of customers and new prospects.”

Currently, Wavelength is working with Three M to assess its brand strengths and weaknesses, audit its marketing materials and plans, understand its company goals, and prepare insights, findings, and recommendations for client review that will act as a jumping off point for strategy development and tactical planning.

Check back with our Articles often for news and updates on Three M Tool and other Wavelength clients.


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